4 Main Menu
The main menu of the AeroGCS software has five different functions to navigate through. These functions are having different role as defined below.

4.1 Home

Home is the landing page for any user, once he logs in to the AeroGCS. Home is the default screen where you can see all projects. From home, new project can be launched or use can open existing projects, plans to manage them. The dashboard has following information as dashboard data for you.

4.2 General Settings

4.2.1 AeroMegh Login

This AeroMegh login functionality allows user to add AeroMegh account. User can able to add AeroMegh account by filling the proper information

4.2.2 User Profile

This User profile field needs to be filled with user login data. After successful login to the application user's data will be appeared in the user profile. This data is not editable. For doing changes into this user have to go services.aeromegh.com, here user can edit the particular information.

4.2.3 Theme

AeroGCS system user can change the Theme from here. The default Theme for system user is Light theme. From this, the you can change the Theme. For seeing changes of theme user have to restart the application. The application needs to restart for changed theme to appear.

4.3 RPA Configuration

The RPA configuration enables you to configure various parameters of RPA. As below image shows, there are various parameters which can be configured in order to tune the RPA machine.

4.4 Connect

4.5 Geo Tag Images

A geotagged photograph is a photograph which is associated with a geographic position by geotagging. Usually this is done by assigning at least a latitude and longitude to the image. In our geotagging feature we take image in the format of jpg or jpeg and add the latitude, longitude and altitude into the image metadata i.e. its properties. For that the reference log file is needed which contains all GPS data and images captured during plan.

4.6 About Us

4.7 Exit

The exit button is to exit the application. Once clicked, it will shut down the application.
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